A shave, then a quick cup of coffee before breakfast: the QM didn’t sleep too well last night.

First of all there was still grieve about many lost friends in the Hurtgenwald. Instead there are a lot of new faces from hardly trained young men: New recruits he has to dress properly… The winter uniforms that recently arrived are not enough and moreover: not good enough! The men need warm jackets, and -with snow being this early-, preferably white, like the Germans have! The long coats he’s got won’t do. There aren’t enough woolen socks to keep their feet dry, and many men frequent the hospital with trench feet.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of food. Rations come in timely and with the turkeys that arrived from the US for Thanksgiving, those worries are over!

After breakfast and roll call there’s time to do some paperwork, before the patrol unit comes in for fieldrations. Some Moccona and chocolate will make their day a better one!

At 11.00 a group of new recruits come to collect their uniforms. He serves them as good as he can , warning them to keep their feet dry at all cost.

More paperwork,  and lots of coffee to stay awake! May be there is time to go down to the Luxemburg coffee van. The nice ladies may help bring back a good mood.

He lingers on in the street and enjoys singing along with a pianist and a group of passersby!

When he returns he sees some members of the kitchen crew waiting for him with -as usual- left -overs to trade for fags. This time he’s lucky! They ‘ve made cake for Cota and there’s enough left to be interesting! The music ‘s lifted his spirit and therefore he gives them not only fags, but also some chocolate and even a bottle of brandy!

Soon after that it’s time for lunch and roll call. Cota is going to decorate two of his remaining comrades for bravery in the Hurtgenforest. He’s glad that the general has noticed that the behavior of these men was extraordinary and rewards it with a medal!

At lunch he hears that Cota intends to inspect his office after lunch. Fortunately everything is in good order: all the paperwork has correctly been done, registered and filed. He hopes he will be able to communicate the current problems.

Indeed ,after lunch and an emotional ceremony, QM sees Cota come into his office.  Cota listens to the problems, checks the inventory lists and also the uniforms provided. He promises to take action on the subject. Some 5 minutes later his neighbor, the post master, drops in with a parcel and a letter. Cota asks him to stay and tell about any possible problems as to the mail. Luckily there aren’t much!  He tells an enthusiastically about the amount of parcels and letters he has to deliver, the only problem is, that he’s rather new, and so are a lot of men.

To his surprise the men from the sawmill come in to measure up some new  storage boards! he hadn’t expected them to drop in so soon!

 An officer  comes in and asks for a bottle of whisky for the Turkeycrew. They have to cook all day and cannot attend the show! QM feels pity for them!

 Now drinks have to be taken to the dinner location. Cola and beer! What a feast!!When QM takes the crates with drinks to the dinner location, he is rather happy. First of all, it is a relatively quiet day at the front. Nobody lost until now … secondly there is going to be a good show this afternoon ,and last but not least: there will be real turkey tonight. Add the fact that  the postman handed his him a loving letter from his wife… Life isn’t that bad after all…

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