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Welcome to the website of our 28th Infantry Reenactmentgroup!

Our group is not a club or an association of which you can become a member.

We are a group of friends who are interested in the Battle of the Bulge, particularly the events that took place in Luxembourg. It goes without saying that one ends up looking into the important role the 28th  Infantry played in liberating this country. Besides that, it was this division that literally took the first blow when the Germans crossed the border on the 16th of December 1944.

The 109th, led by Harry Kemp, made it possible to evacuate the civil population of Diekirch successfully.

The 110th held up against the SS. Pantzerdivision at Heinerscheid and Clervaux for long enough to slow the progress of the Germans significantly, thus giving the allied forces time to reinforce.  

Our group has taken part in several commemorations in Luxembourg, in cooperation with the National Museum of Military History and the Luxembourg Government.

The reason for this website to come into the air is the oncoming event in Munshausen, near Clervaux. Besides that you will also find  information on several other events, links and photo’s.

Jorrit Volkers

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