He still has to get used to the place where he awakes. The postman has been in Europe for only  some weeks now. That doesn’t mean that he hasn’t seen his share of war. He was ordered to the 28th to replace another guy,  who died.

During the time this unit had to fight in the Hurgenwald a lot of packages and letters could never be delivered…

Today will be a different story! They are now in a relatively quiet section of the front, and everybody has some time to relax and write letters. Time to learn a lot of new names though. Fresh recruits come in every day.

After breakfast  and roll call there will be a lot of work to do! Thanksgiving today. It seems like all the family has taken the opportunity to write or send a parcel overseas!! He likes his job today, even if it’s a lot of work! At roll call he tries to remember faces and names.

Sorting out letters and parcels is the first thing to do. V. mail is new, but its’s really very fast!

A quick fag outside and the back to work!

At last it’s time to deliver!  He decides to take a jeep. There are just too many parcels!

 Happy faces wherever he gets! Of course  there’s time for a coffee during his round. The Luxemburg coffeevan doesn’t only serve good coffee, they serve nice smiles as well! Maybe he can get one of the girls to join him to the show this afternoon!

He has to stop as someone is playing a piano in the middle of the street! Seated in his jeep he joins the singing!

Already time for lunch and roll call. He doesn’t know the men who receive a medal yet ,but he knows what fight they’ve were in. These medals are rightfully deserved!

13.30 After the ceremony and sorting out some parcels the postman drops in  at the QM’s with a letter and a parcel. It appears that that very moment Cota is there too! He salutes and want’s to go out again, but Cota asks him how the mail is doing. Well that’s a good story :He tells enthusiastically about the amount of parcels and letters he has to deliver, the only problem is, that he’s rather new, and so are a lot of men.

 very smoothly! His job is one of the best in camp!

Another round of sorting mail and parcels. Unfortunately some have to be send back, as the receiver ‘s no longer there. Some are in hospitals in other towns and have to be send on.

There’s also mail for the armorer. He’s been busy with new recruits, but now there may be time to read his letters.

After that visit: time for a fag, a drink, game of cards, may be a shower, and then : the show! He hopes his Luxemburg  lady companion will join him. They didn’t understand each other too well…

Tonight: real turkey!! Something to look forward to! A piece of home away from home…

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