Patrol Unit

After shaving and getting dressed there’s coffee and breakfast, then roll call. The sergeant gets his  written orders for today’s patrol. After he’s got them he goes down to headquarters to get some further information. Meanwhile the men go over to the armorer to get some extra ammunition, collect grenades and a point 30. Next they get field rations at the quartermaster’s. The weapons are cleaned, the equipment is checked. One of the men drops by at the field hospital to get some sulfa powder, morphine and bandages.

Before they leave the sergeant informs them about the object of their mission: in the forest Germans have been sighted by civilians. They have to try and find out whether these stories are true.  A local farmer will join them as a guide. The language is a bit of an issue, as the Luxembourger doesn’t speak English. Just before leaving, a jeep rushes in from headquarters, with their latest orders: if possible, they are to bring POW’s. Before they go the sergeant inspects the men: their equipment, weapons, ammunition and canteens. They also bring a small burner to make some hot coffee.

Off they go, and as soon as they leave the village they form a loose formation with 3 to 4 meters in between. As soon as they get to the forest they proceed with care. They take turns in forming a recon unit of two to check the surroundings, before the rest follows. There’s no talking in order not to draw attention. Commands are signaled by hand. Suddenly they hear something and everyone takes cover. They are signaled to spread out; carefully they proceed, taking cover all the time.

In front of them they see a German post. They approach within a distance of 30 meters. Then the signal to attack is given and they rush forward. The post seems abandoned, but when they carefully approach they see two German soldiers, one of them severely weakened by his injuries. The other is very young. They surrender immediately. The ambulance is called as one of them is unable to walk. The place is searched and soon they find an important object: In their haste to leave the Germans have forgotten a bag, containing maps with German fortification lines. This appears to be valuable information. A  courier is sent back to HQ. The ambulance arrives, but cannot reach the place where they are. A stretcher helps to move the wounded man into the ambulance. The sergeant decides to go back. Halfway they stop  and take a rest. Sentries have to take watch, field rations are opened and after boiling some water they make hot coffee. (This depends on how long the capturing of the gun post takes, if too long :skip coffee!) The men speak in a low voice, they show each other photos and pin-ups, one of them  quickly writes a short letter for his folks at home.

They are ordered to get up and pack, ready to go on.  On arriving in the village the men find a piano in the street. That means fun!

 A jeep comes by to bring the sergeant to HQ for debriefing.

After coffee the men idle till lunchtime. Next is Roll Call with a decoration ceremony for two of their comrades. General Cota will personally pin these on!

After that just one more patrol in the forest. This time nothing is seen nor found.

Back in camp they are happy to arrive just in time for the show! After that time enough to clean weapons, bring back ammo and shower for Thanksgiving dinner tonight! 00ff

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