Munshausen November 2019:

November 22nd and 23rd 2019

Munshausen 1944-2019

Munshausen is a sleepy little village in the North of Luxembourg not far from the picturesque town of Clervaux.

Inhabitants and authorities of Munshausen have taken the initiative to change the appearance of the village on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2019 entirely into what it looked like in November 1944, just before the outbreak of the Battle of the Bulge. Munshausen is the place where the C-company of the 110th Regiment had chosen to make camp after returning from the Hürtgen Forest.


The 28th infantry division is one of the oldest American divisions. It dates back to the Spanish War in 1889. It finds its origin in the State of Pennsylvania, where its headquarters still is located today.

During The First World War the 28th plays an important part in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

They suffered many casualties, but behaved very professionally. Their bravery earned them the honorary title “Men of Iron”; A title they proudly use in their division song: Roll on 28th

The history of the 28th in World War 2 begins in Normandy with “Operation Cobra”: the breakout from Normandy and the race through France. After the liberation of Paris they march triumphantly over the Champs Elysées

In the beginning of November ’44 the 28th ends up in one of the most absurd actions of the American Army in World War 2: In the Hürtgen Forest they fight a prestigious battle in order to get control over the dams in the Ruhr. Scenes from this battle could well have been those of World War 1.

It was a very bloody battle, in a dense forest where every square yard demanded a fierce fight. Names as Schmidt, Kammerscheidt and that of the “Kall Trail” are literally written in blood in the historical records of the 28th. With losses up to 50 or 60 % of their fighting strength, their nickname “Bloody Bucket” gets an unintended double meaning. The name “Bloody Bucket” was given to them by the Germans, who didn’t understand the red symbol of the keystone and also because the heavy casualties they suffered by the 28th.

Mid-November the division is withdrawn from the Hürtgen Forest and moved south to the “Ardennen front”: the quieter section. It is here that new recruits meet with war for the first time. The 28th finally gets a chance for some rest here. The men who survived all this suffer from fatigue in every way. They write home, guide the new recruits, who replace their fallen comrades. They get clothes, arms and supplies. They ‘re looking forward to Thanksgiving and enjoy their rest.

Still unaware of the dark events awaiting them in December, not in the quiet little village of Munshausen.

This is the situation we reenacted in Munshausen, November 22nd and 23rd 2019.

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