Dear all,

The celebrations of 5th May are coming up and we decided to organise an event which is completely Covid proof.

The Holland National Comite of Liberation produced a special Liberation Soup with a beautifull liberartion label on it.

As 5th May Comite of Friesland we ordered a massive amount of cans that we are going to distribute on 5th May with our old Wold War II vehicles.

We are going the distribute the soup to hospitals, eldery homes and to old eldery peolple who have a difficult time.

We will travel that day in groups of 3 vehicles ( Motorcycles are welcome too!) and will come to a secret place at the end of the day where we will try to make an photo of the group.

We need a lot of volunteers for the organization and distribution and of course people who can drive the vehicles.

If you go to the website ( you will find a form and an announcement of the event.

Pleae fill in the form and register for duty.

Kind regards,

George Haddock.

06 55853562

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