Kitchen Unit

Early out of bed, to prepare breakfast. First a cup of coffee for themselves to wake up. Hot water and a few pouches of moccona, a true invention of the war. They chew some of yesterday’s buns with a chunk of chocolate from an emergency ration. Then the field kitchen is lit, slabs for eggs, bacon and sausages are heated. For those who like them there will be beans in tomato sauce. Someone is sent off with a jeep to the bakery to pick up the bread.( 9.15)

Everybody lines up for breakfast. Coffee, bread and butter come in large green containers. After roll call they sit down to discuss today’s work. It’s going to be a busy day. Besides lunch in a few hours they will have to cook turkeys for tonight. These need to cook an hour per kilo, so they have to start as soon as possible! They decide  to split up in teams: one for cooking the turkeys and one for preparing lunch and laying the tables for tonight. After another cup of coffee, this group goes down to the village to try and get a real crockery plates for everyone tonight. (only day 2!) Day 1 they have to help pasting Show posters in the village They take two jeeps. A Luxemburg woman, who speaks English joins them, to explain their mission to the villagers. They call at every house and just after 11.00 they’re back in the kitchen to prepare lunch, which is to be served at 12.30 sharp. At 12.00 they pick up bread at the bakery. The General Staff will attend too, so everything has to be by the book. The menu shows pea soup, fresh bread, coffee and canned sausages. Fast and delicious.

After lunch and roll call, with a decoration ceremony for two of their comrades, the tables for tonight are laid after which they help the Turkey team to get things ready for Thanksgiving Dinner. The Turkey team will be busy preparing tonight’s dinner all day. They only take a break for lunch and roll call. In turn they take a shower. Unfortunately they won’t be able to see much of the Show.  An officer from HQ is so kind as to bring them a bottle of whisky and glasses. At the same time Cota arrivés.  He loves the smells that meet him there! He also asks whether there will be enough for the people from the village too. Not quite so, but they are welcome to celebrate! Anyway, Cota ,himself, decides to stay for dinner and the show.

Thanksgiving Dinner will begin at 18.00 o’clock. Two men from the kitchen unit will carve  one of the turkeys with some ceremony, whilst all the men join in singing the “ Stars and Stripes” and the “Roll-on” song. The turkeys are carved, served and eaten. Now it’s the turn for the new recruits to clear the table, clean and wash up, controlled by the kitchen crew.

After that: party in the bar! 004d7378

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