They get up early! A quick cup of coffee, some ham and eggs  for themselves before they have to start  baking bread. A lot has to be done that day. Besides making bread for breakfast they will probably have to produce some cake for coffee time, as the General Staff is due for a visit. Well, let’s wait for orders. At 9.00 indeed an officer drops by to order cake! To be delivered at 11.10

When bread for breakfast is ready, they begin to prepare dough, not only for lunch, but also for Thanksgiving Dinner tonight. After lunch they will make preparations for breakfast tomorrow morning, so that this afternoon they will be ready when the Show begins. 

They hope to find some time for a shower and a change too.

 Fortunately they don’t have to attend roll call and after breakfast and a cup of coffee served by the Luxembourg Ladies they go back to the bakery.  First they prepare the cake for HQ and then bread for lunch is baked. Meanwhile some women from the village drop by with baskets to pick up the left-overs from breakfast. Two of them flirt a little and ask the men with a lot of gestures to accompany them to the Show this afternoon. A lot of work still has to be done for lunch and Thanksgiving Dinner tonight!

The kitchen unit comes in to collect bread for lunch at 12:00.

 They clean the bakery and then it’s time to get ready for roll call after lunch, as they do have to attend this time: there will be a decoration ceremony. Aprons taken off, hands washed and helmets on, they saunter to the quartermaster’s for some cigarettes, in exchange for some left overs from this morning’s cake.  They even get a bottle of brandy.! That means having a drink to celebrate Thanksgiving Day!

After lunch and roll call they return to the bakery where they prepare dough for tomorrow. About 14:00 everything is ready and the bakery is closed. Some go to the hairdresser’s,  Some have a shower, to look good for the Show and Thanksgiving Dinner!

After the show, dancing, a good bite of turkey and into the bar for a party! A great day! fffffff

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