After shaving and coffee it’s time for breakfast. Fortunately there’s food enough and he ‘s looking forward to it.  Tonight there will even be turkey! He’s seen the big frozen animals come in from the States! They ‘ve even taken a picture of the beast when they stood on their tank. He hopes the tank will remain  ready for use:  although he‘s certain of correctly filling in the form to order ammo, he got a couple of boxes with ammo from the wrong caliber! That needs taking care of today. Send it back and order new!

 Perhaps  he’ll be able to talk to General Cota! These things shouldn’t happen too often. It’s rather quiet now, but soon there may be fighting like hell again and then you don’t want to be short of ammo!

Soon after breakfast the patrolunit drops by to get guns and ammo. As they may run into a German sniper unit they get as much as he can spare.

Next to pick up ammo is the cannon company. The heavy stuff is loaded on a cart behind the jeep and off they go.

Shortly after the last unit , the armored company gets in to collect ammo for their two tank destroyers. They expect to meet with the Germans at Hosingen.

Not so quiet after all..

When he goes into the street to have some coffee at the Luxemburg coffeevan he stumbles over a group of buddies round a piano playing journalist. That’s fun!

At lunch he ‘s informed that Cota will probably pay him a visit sometime after lunch.

He attends roll call and  when Cota pins on the decorations for bravery on the chests of two of his friends his thoughts go back to all those comrades who should have been there, too..

A group of new recruits comes with him to get their weapons after the ceremony. They don’t know much yet! He orders them to keep their gun clean at all times. Their life may depend on it!

Indeed  Cota comes in and asks about the problems with the ammo. The new men leave as soon as they can. He also talks about all the good friends  lost in the recent battle.

A few men from the cannon company drop in: they have trouble with their garands.

The postman brings him a letter from his wife, telling all about the baby. There’s even a picture! He’s really looking forward to see his son! There’s a parcel as well!! Mum sends him a home knit sweater as she’s heard winter began early in Europe this year.

After the show both the patrolunit and the armored unit bring back the ammo that’s left.

Paperwork to fill in and then: drinks, turkey and fun! ffffffffffff

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